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Curtain Walling

Midas Aluminium uses the SCW and SCW+ from Senior Architectural Systems as well as the SMR800 and SMR900:

  • SCW is a proven, cost effective solution for low to mid-rise applications. Developed to provide a high quality answer to many fenestration requirements, it offers total flexibility in specification.
  • SCW+ is a recently launched product that is cost effective, efficient and easy to assemble. Thermally improved over SCW and CWCT , BS DD ENV13050 compliant.
  • SMR800 is a high rise curtain wall system that has an extremely high performance level and is easy to install.
  • SMR900 is thermally broken and compartment drained, it is a curtain wall system designed for site erection to the highest industry standard. Maximum width and height to suit conditions.
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The SPW300 door, SPW600 door, SD door and SFG door from Senior Architectural Systems are products that we use at Midas Aluminium. Door systems from SAS cover personnel access, emergency escape as well as automatic entrance and showroom applications and include the following products:

  • The SPW door offers excellent security, reliability and thermal performance and is a product that can be used across the board from residential to commercial buildings.
  • The SD is a range of profiles that offer designers a great choice. Door stiles and rails are available in two widths and can be fully or partly glazed. Also available in anti-finger trap which is handy for schools, public buildings.
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Here at Midas Aluminium we use a range of the STW200, SPW300 and SPW600 windows from Senior Architectural Systems. There is also the new SMR frameless window. The window options from SAS include casement, tilt and turn, overswing and pivot in the SPW300 range:

  • The STW system is ideally suited for a variety of new build and refurbishment sectors including commercial, office, education, health, leisure, retail and residential projects.
  • The SPW300 is a high performance commercial window system that includes fixed lights, tophung, sidehung, tilt-turn, pivot (horizontal and vertical) and overswing windows.
  • SPW600 is a high performance casement commercial window system designed to meet the latest thermal insulation demands. It includes fixed lights, tophung, sidehung, tilt-turn, and overswing windows.
  • The new SMR frameless window which is a contemporary window, giving buildings that cutting 'edge design'.
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Ground Floor Systems

Senior Architectural Systems (SAS) ground floor systems are attractive, safe and reliable, and easy to use which is why here at Midas Aluminium we use the SAS product. The system designs cover simple single glazed shopfronts to more complex double glazed treatments. They are fully compatible with the SAS range of SD entrance doors to ensure uniform facade appearances:

  • All profiles accept glass and infill panels from 6mm to 24mm, as either bead or pocket glazed. Gasket glazing means minimum in-service maintenance.
  • Main profiles are 100mm deep with a face dimension of 45mm for single glazing and 50mm for double glazing. 90 degree and variable corner sections are available, plus square and sloping bead options.
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